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We are thrilled to share with you our new cutting-edge Organizational Wellness initiatives, aimed at fostering a corporate culture and climate that is devoted to the wellbeing of its employees.

Our founder has been actively involved in creating a corporate footprint over the last decade. Most notably, her work has encompassed trusted relationships in the financial services, technology, and luxury goods industry. Her advisory and consulting support has encompassed a wide range of career alignment plans and initiatives ranging from human resources, customer service excellence, brand awareness and change management.

On an Energetic Level, Kathy is an attuned Reiki and Seichem Master, coach, facilitator, intuitive, healer and medium. She has spent extensive time learning from some of the most renowned guides, coaches, and holistic specialists from across the world.

These initiatives were thoughtfully designed with the intention of merging the corporate and energetic works. A marriage between the two worlds allowing for many to experience the benefit of energetic healing and guidance on an individual basis and equally be able to share with others on a larger scale.


Our founder is actively involved in the programs that All & Well delivers and she prides herself on the ability to take complex realities of corporate and personal life challenges and create programs that can provide a soothing relief to participants, helping them realign towards healthier and sustainable day to day practices.


You can read more about our three main Wellness programs below. 


Please note that these are mere guides, we pride ourselves on tailoring each program to the specific needs and goals of the organization. 


For more information on our programs please email all inquiries to: 



Presently, we are at the forefront of a global shift in mindset and policies surrounding health, wellness, and wellbeing. Now more than ever, employees are evaluating the impact that their careers have on their individual mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Wellness is no longer being treated as an afterthought or a bystander in day- to-day affairs but rather claiming its spot at the forefront of decision making in terms of employee career planning and organizational loyalty.

If the past few years has demonstrated anything, it is that health is the most important commodity and resource we have. With all the daily barriers and obstacles employees are facing in their personal and professional lives, focusing on their Wellbeing has never been more relevant or vital to the success of an organization.

Organizations that choose to implement holistic wellness initiatives into their operations demonstrate a broader commitment to Employee Wellness. Providing employees with essential health tools and practices that will generate benefits far

beyond any single initiative.

Adopting and implementing these practices demonstrates an integral commitment to the organizational values, one that fosters a culture of its employees’ overall well-being. Organizations that position themselves as employee focused tend to have less turnover, higher productivity, increased internal referrals and overall happier team members.

Tiny Green Plants


This program is centered around our custom curated guided Meditations.

The core essence of this program is to offer employees the opportunity to center themselves, reduce stress, gain focus and clarity; all while developing a ritual and practice of self-care.

With this program, we deliver two weekly guided meditations for a minimum of 12 weeks.


Each week your employees will have the opportunity to join a virtual live group meditation that has been created specifically for the energy and goals of your organization.

Tall Mountain


This program is centered around our individual virtual 1-1 Guided Meditation or Reiki Energy Healing Sessions.

The core essence of this program is to gift employees a one-time Holistic Wellness Service.


This program allows employees the opportunity to have a personalized Wellbeing experience which is designed around their individual mental, emotional and energetic needs.

Reaching Out to the Sun


This program is our most comprehensive approach to wellness.


It combines both our individual virtual 1-1 Guided Meditation or Reiki Energy Healing Sessions and our weekly custom created guided Meditations.

The core essence of this program is to implement a long-term comprehensive wellness initiative.

This program has two main objectives:

1. To highlight the organization’s commitment to a culture and climate of wellbeing

2. To help employees develop long lasting wellness practices geared towards their individual needs.

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