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Whether it be strengthening one’s opinion of themselves, building confidence, changing negative thought patterns, or helping someone concentrate on their goals, affirmations can help!​


Affirmation work helps individuals positively influence the subconscious mind and close the gap between where they are now and where they would like to be.

The Packaging

Our boxes are not only designed to be beautiful but also functional. Each box can be transformed into a pop-up vanity so you can write directly on them. This is perfect for keeping on your bedside table or desk.

The Movement

Our goal is to encourage those near and far to step back into their power. To let themselves be inspired by their own individuality, beauty and abilities. We thrive on helping people embody their truest selves.

The Markers

Each set includes 5 beautiful markers that are inscribed with different affirmations. Our markers are non-toxic, easy to clean and can be used on any non-porous surface.

The Community

Join our virtual community on Instagram and TikTok where we share daily affirmation inspiration.

Where to find us

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 We are a small business that loves to support our amazing customers!


The Affirmation Markers are available for Wholesale directly through us but for single purchases please check out some of the amazing businesses that carry our product!

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Boutique Ousias

Hudson, QC



Christchurch, NZ


Grail Springs Retreat

Bancroft, ON



Christchurch, NZ


Hudson Apothecary Wellness 



Que de Bonnes Choses



Hudson Flow

Hudson, QC

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