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We currently offer three main wellness program levels:

  • Believe

  • Achieve

  • Enlightened


This program is centered around our custom curated guided Meditations.

The core essence of this program is to offer employees the opportunity to center themselves, reduce stress, gain focus and clarity; all while developing a ritual and practice of self-care.

With this program, we deliver two weekly guided meditations for a minimum of 12 weeks. Each week your employees will have the opportunity to join a virtual live group meditation that has been created specifically for the energy and goals of your organization.


Ideally, one of the two weekly meditations per week would be an express 40-minute meditation that takes place around lunch time. This session would be geared towards grounding, bringing oneself into the present moment and then re-energizing for the rest of the workday. This is meant to have an invigorating and energizing essence.

From there the second meditation would take place on a separate day in the evening. This meditation would be geared towards stress and anxiety reduction. This will be a gentle calming practice, its goal is to evoke a deep sense of relaxation, help induce a restful night's rest and promote a cohesiveness within the participants home environment. The duration of this session will average anywhere from 1 hour to 1 hour 15 mins.

Because our home environments have a strong impact on our mental, emotional and energetic wellbeing, it is highly recommended to gear this session to both your employees and their families living with them. This is a positive way to encourage your employees to share their best practices with their spouse, significant other or children and together help support each other in sustaining a life of holistic wellness. What a great way as an employer of choice to be able to make an impactful footprint extending not only to your team members but their families as well.

In these meditations we will use a mixture of modalities, techniques and activities to amplify the overall experience based on what the collective energy calls for.

A few examples include but are not limited to:

  • Sound Therapy

  • Journaling

  • Energy Work

  • Visualization

  • Chanting

  • Mantras

  • Automatic Writing


This plan is a fantastic option if you are looking to begin to implement wellness initiatives within your organization and want to demonstrate a long-term commitment to your employees’ health and well-being.


This program is centered around our individual virtual 1-1 Guided Meditation or Reiki Energy Healing Sessions.

The core essence of this program is to gift employees a one-time Holistic Wellness Service. This program allows employees the opportunity to have a personalized Wellbeing experience which is designed around their individual mental, emotional and energetic needs.

With this package, each employee will receive a digital gift certificate which will then enable them to schedule either an individual personalized guided meditation or Distance Reiki Session directly on our website. All of our sessions are conducted via zoom, the recipients simply need to select the appointment time that best suits their availability.

This plan is a fantastic option if you are looking for a one- time gift or wellness initiative for your employees.


This program is our most comprehensive approach to wellness. It combines both our individual virtual 1-1 Guided Meditation or Reiki Energy Healing Sessions and our weekly custom created guided Meditations.

The core essence of this program is to implement a long-term comprehensive wellness initiative.

This program has two main objectives:

1. To highlight the organization’s commitment to a culture and climate of wellbeing and

2. To help employees develop long lasting wellness practices geared towards their individual needs.

With this package, each employee will receive all the benefits of both the Believe and Achieve Packages.

Each employee will receive a digital gift card which will entitle them to their choice of either an individual personalized guided meditation or Distance Reiki Session.

From there the organization can use this platform to announce their commitment to employee wellbeing by offering 2 sessions weekly of guided meditation for a period of 3- 12 months. We typically recommend beginning with a 6-month commitment. Research shows sustained lifestyle change typically takes a minimum of 90-120 days.

This program is ideal for an organization that is looking to implement an initiative that addresses wellness on a personal and organization level, promoting lasting change, engage employees and make a positive impact on its branding in the marketplace as a people focused firm that cares.



The cornerstone of the primary phase is to help the organization implement an initial initiative that is effective, impactful, sustainable and has a real “WOW” effect on its employees.

Aligned with this, our recommendation would be to implement an official “Employee Wellness Day”. Setting a dedicated time in support of this important issue is a testimony of your firm’s leadership support of your employees’ well-being.

Coining the term “Employee Wellness Day” and devoting a specified day of recognition to this highly important part of your employees physical and mental health will mark your organization’s commitment to their well-being and support a branding of caring for your employees.

An impactful way for an organization to communicate the launch of an employee wellness day is to send out a customized Health and Wellness themed newsletter.

This newsletter can be aimed at sharing various topics that are typically of common interest, such as immunity boosting recipes, stretches, techniques for stress management, morning routine guides, journal prompts as well as an introduction to concepts and benefits of meditation and energetic healing practices. The newsletter can also be customized with a space reserved for your firm’s specific communication to staff on varied wellness initiatives that are being put in place at a firm level.


From there we implement phase two, rolling out our Wellness initiative.

This is where the real change and impact happens for both the individual and the organization.


Assess implementation of long-term practices that will elevate and compliment the participants wellness journey and demonstrate the organization’s ongoing commitment to their wellbeing.

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